Dating Agency In Shropshire

Traditional personal matchmaking and dating agency based in Shropshire.

Country Matchmaking Service and Dating Agency in Shropshire

Shropshire is home territory for Country Partners, as the company was first founded here way back in 1983, in the picturesque market town of Ludlow. When two young mums at the school gates, Heather Heber Percy and Geraldine Turner, decided to start a dating agency for farmers and country folk.

As the agency grew over the years, we gradually spread into Herefordshire, the West Midlands, Staffordshire and Cheshire, before moving to London in 1992 because of the demand for personal matchmaking services in the capital. Recently we have revived the Country Partners brand, to bring country dating and matchmaking services back, for rural people all around the UK.

Shropshire Matchmaking Agency

What We Do

Our service is different from most dating services as we don’t operate online or via a dating app. A large chunk of the population, those under 45, who have grown up with the internet, and more recently smartphone-based dating, have often found this is quite surprising. At Country Partners, we offer traditional, face to face dating service, which is vastly superior and highly personalised, as opposed to that provided by online companies.

In modern times, dating online means that you have to do all of the hard work yourself, create your profile, choose and upload your photographs, then trawl through thousands of other, often poorly written and boring profiles.

By joining us, you no longer need to do it all yourself, nor have a very public and easily accessed profile where both members and non-members have access to your very personal details and photographs 24/7.

The Matchmaking Process

The first step in taking things forward with Country Partners will be to meet one of our Membership Advisers face to face, by video link, or telephone if you prefer, as we know not everybody is comfortable with technology.

After your initial meeting and interview, if you decide to proceed, the next step will be the creation of your professional dating profile through one of our Client Registration team, it will then be time to begin your matchmaking period.

For us, this is the exciting bit, and you will now be passed into the safe and experienced hands of our Matchmaking Team, meeting your Personal Matchmaker for the first time in a welcome call. The two of you will then commence a unique partnership over the lifetime of your membership, which is usually for six months or a full year. The aim is to introduce you to carefully selected potential matches from our high-quality database of carefully vetted people, who we feel could be right for you.

We initially look for commonality, shared hobbies, interests and physical attraction with your matches. We also occasionally look for diversity, as we know from experience that success and sexual chemistry sometimes comes from being different. This approach has been our winning formula over many years.

Shropshire Dating Agency

How To Join Country Partners

It is effortless and straight forward for you to join or make an enquiry. Just complete our contact form within the website and one of our expert Membership Advisers, Gina, Liz or Victoria, will contact you to advise and help within 24 working hours. Alternatively, phone us whenever you’re ready between 9 am and 9 pm every day, including weekends and you can start speaking to someone straight away.

The number to call is 0800 644 4123, and there is never any obligation or compulsion to join. You can enjoy a friendly conversation with someone who can help and knows about dating and how our service differs from most others.