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Always bringing people together and bringing love into our client’s lives carefully and safely.

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The Country Partners Service

At Country Partners, our aim is always to bring people together and to bring love into our client’s lives carefully and safely, providing a service that, in many ways, is precisely the opposite of that offered by online dating agencies and apps.

We offer a highly personal service that centres on working throughout your membership with your own carefully selected personal matchmaker from within our team – someone who is on your side and is championing your cause to others during the time you are with us. Your dating expert, friend, guide, and mentor, whose sole objective is to recommend you to others and bat for you in your pursuit of that perfect partner.

That personal matchmaker will know our database very well, and they may well have been the person who interviewed you initially, along with many other members. They will also be working very closely with the other matchmakers within our team, promoting their client lists, and sharing our extensive and comprehensive database.

They are continually looking for the right match for you, with shared interests and areas of commonality, but also keeping in mind that attraction often comes from diversity and that opposites do very often attract, often the reason behind why the chemistry exists between two people.

The Country Partners Service

The service at Country Partners is always confidential, and you are treated with respect and discretion throughout your membership. Never will any of your private details or photographs appear on a public website, they will always remain between you and your matchmaker and be shared only with hand-picked potential dates that we feel could be right for you. At some levels of membership, that is, after you have agreed to meet that person.

All of our clients have also been personally interviewed in person, by Skype or Zoom, or occasionally by phone (usually just for people who don’t keep up with and feel comfortable with technology).

Our matchmaker will also build a professional profile for you, where we portray you at your very best. We also offer a high-quality photography service for people who visit our Head Office for their initial interview.

We carry out careful checks to ensure that your dates are entirely genuine. We check everyone’s photographic ID and a utility bill to prove residency. We additionally verify this electronically and ensure that members are not still living with an ex-husband/wife or partner. We also search to ensure they are not involved in crime and also that they are solvent and are without recent bankruptcies and unresolved CCJs.

These measures provide that our database of clients is one of the cleanest and most carefully checked nationally, a far cry from some of the people you may find on online dating sites and dating apps.

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