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Dating can be confusing. There are free online sites, online sites that charge, free dating apps, dating apps that charge, then there are dating events, dating activities, singles holidays, and traditional personal matchmaking.

Which one ticks all of the boxes for you and meets your needs rather than most of the others? Maybe you have whittled your choice down to maybe two or three? If you feel like you’d like to know more, we are always here to chat and point you in the right direction, or maybe get down to greater depth with a free consultation from one of our Membership Advisers to evaluate what is precisely right for you. It’s always free, and it’s always without any sort of obligation or compulsion to join. We are just happy to talk and put you in an informed position.

If it’s right for you, our Membership Adviser will give you a range of joining options that will suit most budgets. You may be pleasantly surprised that some cost less than joining one of the more expensive online sites, even for such a hands-on service and working with a matchmaker on a one on one basis.

If you do decide to join us, we will take your payment via credit or debit card or bank transfer if you prefer and make arrangements to interview you via Skype or Zoom, or in person at your home or at our office, whichever you prefer. It can take anything up to 2 hours as we go into considerable depth to get to know you as carefully as possible.

If you choose to make the journey, we have a small photography studio, where we are happy to offer a complimentary photo shoot with each membership. We know for sure than making use of the right quality of photographs can make a tremendous difference to the success of your membership and how other members perceive you.

The next logical step is creating your professional profile to capture the real you and one that we can very much market and recommend to others. When you have approved this, you can choose which photos you’d prefer to use, and we are then nearing the finished product, to enable your matchmaking period to begin, and your journey to meeting someone special.

At that particular point, your membership passes out of the care of our membership adviser, who will have been the first contact you have had within the company. We will move to a member of our matchmaking team, who will be the person who will now look after you throughout your membership and will want to work closely with you to ensure you get a positive result, bringing someone special into your life.

We hope you enjoy a close and exceptional bond with your matchmaker – she will become ‘your friend in the dating business’ your very own, mentor, guide, and champion during the time you are with us. We have enjoyed many successes since our formation, and you could easily be the next. We hope you will decide to become a member and begin your journey with us today.

It’s quite effortless and straightforward to join, simply complete our contact form on this website, and we will usually ring you back within 24 hours or ring us directly on 0800 644 4123. We answer the phone ourselves, in the UK, and are available from 9 am until 9 pm almost every day, including weekends and bank holidays. There is no complicated system of menu choices, just a simple and straight forward choice of whether you’re a new customer or an existing one, and we will then get you talking to someone with a minimum of fuss or leave us a message if we happen to be busy. We’d love to hear from you!