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Country Partners has some of the most experienced matchmakers in the UK.

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Tracey - Our Senior Matchmaker

Tracey Cater

Senior Membership Adviser

Tracey has worked in Personal Matchmaking since 2007 and has a great deal of experience and guidance to offer those who are keen to meet a new partner and are wary of the pitfalls of online dating. Known for her empathy and friendly nature, Tracey is an excellent listener and can make one feel at ease. Above all, she is passionate about helping others to find the love they deserve.


Tracey with Highland Cattle

A Dairy Farmer’s daughter from Warwickshire, she has always had a love of the countryside and livestock in general, enjoying both competing and judging at Agricultural Shows throughout the country, in her spare time.

Tracey’s empathetic demeanour along with her conscientious and caring nature and strong work ethic has brought a new dimension to the company, allowing potential clients to talk to her frankly but in complete confidence. She is a real asset to the Country Partners team.

Tracey understands the rural way of life and how it can be challenging to meet a new partner from a similar background.

Victoria Davies

Senior Membership Adviser

Victoria is our most experienced Membership Adviser and based in the North Midlands. She will not rush you – there is no pressure from Victoria if you’d just like to know a little more about how we work and whether this might be the right option for you.

Victoria knows how well personal matchmaking can work for people, having been involved in matchmaking services for many years, and having seen countless clients go on to find a wonderful new partner.

Victoria has a great understanding of people and is one of life’s great listeners.

Liz Brown

Senior Membership Adviser

Based in the North West, Liz calls upon her years of experience of working with people and working within the world of dating. She is very personable and relaxed, putting clients very much at their ease while talking through how our service works and answering any questions.

Liz will enjoy getting to know you, what you are looking for in a partner, and to guide you towards the membership option best suited to you.

You’ll find Liz a pleasure to talk to, a lady who relates very well to our members and allows everyone the time they need..

Gina Rowcliffe

Senior Membership Adviser

A northern lady with a very approachable personality, Gina is always a delight to talk to. She is relaxed, friendly, and very much a caring person with a warm heart. She enjoys getting to know people and speaking to new clients and is happy to give you all the time you need.

Gina has worked with people all her life, and it shows. She is always professional, with a smile in her voice and one of those people who can lift your day.

Lynda Nicholls

Matchmaking Manager

Our Matchmaking Manager, Lynda, is very experienced in helping others find success in dating. She joined us initially as a Personal Matchmaker before being promoted last year to Manager. Lynda is very approachable and easy to talk to and gets on very well with clients while helping them to meet their future soulmates.

Although our team manager and on hand to support other matchmakers, Lynda also personally looks after a number of our Country Partners clients.

Jane McKenna

Jane McKenna

Senior Membership Adviser

Jane studied Human Psychology and Behaviour at Queens University, Belfast, before moving to the Midlands where she has spent most of her career working with organisational leaders to develop their people skills.

Understanding people, their personalities and motivations have enabled Jane to work with people from all backgrounds and levels so that they can get the best out of life, work and their relationships. Working with Police forces across the UK, Jane also developed substantial work around socialising safely so that we can all navigate the current dating scene with peace of mind and security, an area we take very seriously and which underpins our dating protocols/processes.

Meet Our Dating Coach - Magda

Magda Podstawka

Dating Coach

Magda is a graduate in social psychology and a Mindful Dating Coach. For almost 10 years, she has been empowering others in their love lives and has helped them to discover and embrace meaningful relationships. She is our committed and dedicated Dating Coach and Membership Adviser in Scotland and helps her clients overcome their unique personal challenges in the context of dating Magda Podstawka Dating Coach and relationships. Her experience over the years has given Magda the opportunity to work with exceptional men and women from around the world. She has helped them find their voice, be confident, understand their own needs and to love themselves.

With Magda’s coaching, they become more mindful and have deeper long-lasting connections. These are often the key steps to opening self-made doors and help them begin a successful journey in terms of meeting someone very special. At Country Partners, we are proud to have Magda as part of our team, her support is included in our Heritage Membership Option and we are happy to include a complimentary consultation with Magda without charge.

Clients in Scotland can also speak with Magda about joining Country Partners so please ring us on 0800 644 4123 for an appointment.

Introducing Our Wider Team

Others working at Country Partners who help keep things running smoothly

Providing friendly support to our new clients, in particular, is our New Client Registration team – Vicky Rogers and Alison Burford.
Vicky and Alison help with profile templating and any amendments, client photographs, ID validation, and background checks.

Operations Director Paula Gotch and Technical Director Joe Hodgson ensure we keep all our systems and the office up and running and that we fully comply with GDPR and Data Protection, to protect and keep secure client data at all times.