How Country Partners Works

How we work for you depends on which service you choose. View the membership options to learn more about each service.

For All Of Our Members

We interview every member, which gives you the opportunity to tell us all about yourself and the sort of person you would like to meet – we need to learn all about your lifestyle, interests, passions and aspirations.

We draw up a concise, skilfully-worded profile of you and the type of person you are seeking, whilst always trying to provide you with a full and honest assessment. Throughout your membership your anonymity is protected.

The decision to meet any of our members is entirely yours, although we will guide and advise. As we have met each person, this gives you a unique advantage and we are always available to talk to you during reasonable hours.

There are no hidden charges with any of our memberships.

If you like what you hear then please complete the contact form on this page and one of Country Partners friendly membership advisers will get in touch with you.