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Just wanted to say thank you for everything! You were absolutely right about Country Partners being the way to meet good people who are serious about wanting a relationship etc. I wish I’d done it sooner. I didn’t expect to give my Matchmaker such an easy time but I got remarkably lucky. She sent me the best person in the world straight away.

I’ve been getting to know ‘J’, this wonderful man over the past 2-3 weeks… feeling all the warm, tingly excited feelings you get at the start of something new.

He is very like me, only 28 miles away but works alone, exercises alone and our paths would just never have crossed in a million years. He was so open and honest. He is in the right place for a relationship and it’s nice to know you both are looking for the same things from the start in terms of wanting a family and a partner and to travel.

It’s also good to know that there are other folk out there that are genuine, gorgeous, successful, hardworking, family orientated and romantic folks and who are still single! I’m a bit smitten with ‘J’, I’ve got a really good feeling about this. I’m in the place of feeling romantic (and somewhat scary) feelings, sparks when our hands meet, the time together being enough to finish a conversation… missing him all the time. It’s like being a teenager again but with 2 decades of somewhat wisdom and experience to draw on.

I’m thrilled to bits with my first match, from end of March. Been having a great time, the last 3 weeks. Thank you!

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Hi Hayley

I was with Luke today. We’ve just come back from a music tour he did to some festivals in England. We are very happy. We are very grateful we met via Country Partners and we are having so much fun. We have so much in common and have plans for the future, which will come together in time as we still have one child at home each and career commitments. Personally I never felt I’d meet someone so kind and loving who makes me feel so good. But I have with Luke. I’m just getting on the bus back to Inverness now but sending this to Luke too!

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Hi Hayley,

Following another date with Gary yesterday, we are now committed to a relationship and new beginnings together.

On our first date 3 weeks ago, we just knew we were right for each other on so many levels and of course, that all important special attraction and connection.

So I am saying a huge thanks for your finding me someone special to share life with.

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Good evening Hayley,

Thanks for your email. Happy New year to you. I can never thank you enough for introducing Idy to me.

It has been a life changing experience for me in a positive way.

I feel like the luckiest man alive and it’s all down to you, Hayley.

You persuaded and encouraged me to give it a go with Idy.

I’m glad I listened to you.
Have a great 2022.

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Good morning Hayley,

Thank you for introducing me to Idy. It is a match made in heaven.
Everything is so positive about this match. We speak and text a number of times each day and have met twice.

We are so relaxed and at ease in each others company, conversation is effortless between the two of us and there is a bond between us that would be hard to replicate.

I will keep you updated.

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Dear Geraldine

Many thanks for your email and apologies for not replying sooner but I’ve been busy visiting Jon!!

I’m delighted to report that things are going incredibly well with him and we are growing closer by the day. We are managing to see each other regularly despite the distance and every time we have a gorgeous time together – it just gets better and better! He is such a lovely kind and caring man and I hugely enjoy his company. We’ve met each other’s families and in fact he’s coming skiing with me and my children and then in the summer he and I are going to disappear off quietly together. We can’t wait!

So a massive thank you to you and Heather for the introduction … I feel so very lucky to have met him and without you I’d probably still be trawling the internet and ‘on the shelf’!


Very best wishes,
Lis (Buckinghamshire)

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Dear Geraldine

What a difference a year makes! It was just about a year ago that I met with Heather and signed up with Country Partners. At that time I felt I was at a rather low point, but now am very happily in a relationship with Philip. I usually manage to concentrate my home activities to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so that I can spend the weekend, and sometimes long weekend, with him in London. I will be with him over Christmas. My children have met him and like him – my two-year-old granddaughter took a particular shine to him, which was very amusing! I may eventually move back to London, but that is a big decision to make, so won’t rush. We had a lovely short city break together at the beginning of November and are starting to plan our next little trip.

So thank you to you and Heather for transforming my life, and introducing me to some interesting people along the way.

With very best wishes to you and to Heather and your respective families for a very happy Christmas and prosperous 2019.

Jane (Sussex-December 2018)

Dear Heather,

How kind of you, I had you on my Christmas card list too.
I am delighted to say that all going very well with Clare. I have been out to Spain several times and she is a frequent visitor to Gloucestershire.
There have been successful introductions to each other’s friends and family and all good so far.
It is still a little early to say ‘your work is done’ but worth placing a bet!
Best wishes to you and Geraldine.

Many thanks James (Gloucestershire) December 2018

Dear Geraldine

Thank you for letting me know about my membership. I am happy for you to keep my details on file. I want to, thank you and Heather for all your help, and kindness. Even though the land of milk and honey hasn’t yet appeared I have made a couple of good friends.

Best wishes Sarah (London) June 2018

Dear Geraldine
Thank you, and thank you for all your hard work during my membership.
Yes do please keep my details on your register and I will let you know how it progresses with Mark.

Kindest regards Sue (London) June 2018

Dear Geraldine.

I know you’ll be glad to hear from me with good news. We’ve now been an ‘item’ for just over six months and although we’ve had our ups and down we are getting to know one another and we both feel it will develop into a long lasting relationship. I wanted to thank you for the introduction and cannot believe it was my very last one with the Country Partners. So it’s never too late.

With Kind Regards Sally (Wiltshire) May 2018