Matchmaking In Merseyside

We are a traditional personal matchmaking agency based in the area of Merseyside.

A Professional Matchmaking and Dating Service in Merseyside

Our Dating Agency, Country Partners, was first founded back in 1983, not far away in nearby Shropshire, in the beautiful market town of Ludlow. When two young mums at the school gates decided to start a dating agency for farmers and country folk.

We spread into neighbouring counties very quickly and began to provide a service to the rural aspects of Merseyside and the Wirral during the 1980s.
Our traditional methods and high-quality database has brought us lots of success over the years and face to face matchmaking remains as a preference for many people today.

Matchmakers Merseyside

What We Do

We are different to most dating agencies as we continue to provide a traditional face to face service, as opposed to being an online agency, which can be a little impersonal and provide little by way of confidentiality. Dating apps have also emerged in recent years with the launch of Tinder and now many others, but we believe that simply swiping left or right every few seconds wouldn’t be the choice of everybody if they are actually searching for a deep and meaningful relationship that is going to stand the test of time.

Right from your first contact with us, we are a little different, as you can still connect with a real person by phone and talk things through or ask questions of us. We always answer the phone ourselves, in the UK and we are open almost every day, even at weekends and on many bank holidays, ready to provide our traditional and bespoke service.

Because it is always a human service and we provide you with an expert to talk with most of the time, we will never be the cheapest service but we’d like to believe we are the best or at least one of them.

The Matchmaking Process

What we do is built around your personal relationship with a member of our Matchmaking Team. We like to look on this as a partnership during the full year of your membership, with the two of you working together to find you a truly lovely partner from our extensive database or though headhunting, ideally, someone who meets your hopes and aspirations fully.

This often comes from looking for areas of common interest and similar hobbies and pastimes, although frequently diversity works for us too on many occasions, as from experience we know that attraction and sexual chemistry comes from being different, and if people are open and receptive to this, it really does work.

Traditional Matchmaking Merseyside

Getting in Touch

It really is very easy and straight forward. Simply complete our contact form within the website and one of our lovely Membership Advisers will contact you to advise and help within 24 working hours. Alternatively phone us whenever you’re ready between 9 am and 9 pm any day, including weekends, and we will get you speaking to someone straight away. All of our calls are answered by a human in the UK, rather than choosing from lengthy menus and being offered lots of confusing options.

Just ring us and you will be put right through, but do leave a message at busy times and we will get back to you.
The number is 0800 644 4123 and there is never any obligation or compulsion to join – just a friendly conversation with someone who can help.