Matchmaking Greater Manchester

A traditional personal matchmaking agency based in the area of Greater Manchester.

A Professional Matchmaking and Dating Service in Greater Manchester

Our dating agency, Country Partners was first founded way back in 1983 in nearby Shropshire, in the beautiful market town of Ludlow. We came into being when two young mums at the school gates decided to start a dating agency for farmers and country folk.

We spread into neighbouring Cheshire very quickly and from there into Greater Manchester, enjoying many successes down the years in the rural locations around the county.

Matchmakers Greater Manchester

What We Do

We are different to most other dating organisations these days, as we offer a traditional, face to face service, as opposed to online dating which has dominated the dating marketplace in recent years, but is clearly not for everybody, as it offers very little in terms of privacy and confidentiality. We find they are possibly the two most important aspects of dating for many and consequently, our confidential, discreet and upmarket approach remains as very sought after, as never will a photograph of you, or any of your personal details be published or visible online. That’s an absolute guarantee.

We also check out your potential dates very carefully, we personally interview everyone, either face to face or via Skype or Zoom, to keep standards very high and to ensure that photographs truly represent the person as they are today and not how they may have looked 20 years ago. As often happens online or on dating apps.

The Matchmaking Process

Our service is predominantly provided for you by our Matchmaking Team on a one on one basis. Our Matchmakers are all experienced in the dating marketplace and know our client base very well, to enable them to make recommendations to you during your membership and to work in tandem with you to bring that special someone into your life during the time you are with us, which is typically one year.

There can be no absolute guarantee that it will work, as we can’t create chemistry for you if it’s not there, but we do have a very high success rate, with more than 90% of people being successfully matched during the lifetime of their membership. Each and every matchmaker has extraordinary successes to tell you about.

Greater Manchester Dating Agency

Getting in Touch & Joining Country Partners

It really is very easy and straight forward to join us. Simply complete our contact form within the website and one of our excellent team of Membership Advisers will contact you to advise and help within 24 working hours – they will be happy to talk through every aspect of our service with you, openly, honestly and without any obligation or compulsion to join whatsoever.

Alternatively you could phone us if you prefer, whenever you feel you’re ready to have a conversation, between 9am and 9pm everyday, including weekends and we will get you speaking to someone from our Membership Adviser team straight away.

All of our calls are answered by a human in the UK, rather you having to choose from a lengthy menu and being offered lots of confusing options. Just ring us and you will usually be put through immediately, but do leave a message at busy times and we will get back to you. The number is 0800 644 4123 and there is never any obligation or compulsion to join, just a friendly conversation with someone who can help. So please do make that call.