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A Country Dating Agency in Essex

Country Partners is a traditional face to face dating agency aimed specifically at country people. The Country Partners agency was first founded way back in 1983 in Shropshire, in the beautiful Midlands market town of Ludlow, when two young mums at the school gates decided to start a dating agency for farmers.

The founder Heather Heber Percy went on to become one of the best know Personal Matchmakers in the UK and brought the brand to London as The County Register. But that need for dating for country people applied as much today as it always did and we are now reaching out to the people of Essex to provide a very traditional, very personal service and one that is the exact opposite to swiping left or right on an online dating site or app.

What We Do

One of our major differentiators is that all of our members are personally interviewed and carefully vetted. This is to ensure that you are meeting others that we know are 100% genuine, having met them face to face in most instances or at least by Skype or Zoom. We do this to ensure that they are being honest about their photographs and we are portraying people as they now are – not from 20 years ago, as we know that happens online quite frequently.

We also carefully vet our members to be absolutely certain that they are genuine and that they meet our requirements for membership. They are checked out for residency, whether they have a current partner, for any involvement in crime and also to ensure that they are solvent and are joining for the right reasons. That gives us a solid and very genuine database of people looking for love.

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Our Matchmaking Service

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It all starts with a phone call to one of our Membership Advisers, whose task it is to describe our service and how it works. You can then decide whether or not it’s for you. We are proud to say there is never any hard sell, as we don’t have to, we have a constant stream of people wanting our services and to be part of Country Partners.

If it is for you, our next task is your initial meeting and interview and the creation of your professional dating profile through one of our Client Registration team.

When you have approved it, we are good to go and it will be time to begin your matchmaking period, the exciting bit where you are passed into the safe and experienced hands of our Matchmaking Team. You will now meet your own Personal Matchmaker for the first time in a welcome call.

We hope that the two of you will then begin a strong partnership over the lifetime of your membership. Our Matchmaker will be introducing you to carefully selected matches from our unique database, who we feel could be right for you.

We look for commonality, so shared hobbies, interests, physical attraction and on occasions, diversity. Over the years we have learned that on many occasions, success and sexual chemistry sometimes comes from being different. It has been proven to be a winning formula for us and our clients many times.

How to Join

It is simple and straightforward for you to join or make an enquiry. Simply complete our contact form on this website, and one of our expert Membership Advisers will contact you to advise and help within 24 working hours. Alternatively phone us at our expense, whenever you’re ready between 9 am and 9 pm every day, including weekends and bank holidays.

We will endeavour to get you speaking to someone straight away. The number is 0800 644 4123, and there is never any obligation or compulsion to join, just a friendly conversation with someone who can help and knows about dating and how our service differs from most others.