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Country Dating in Bedfordshire

Rural communities in Bedfordshire have never had so many options when it comes to dating. The only problem is, they struggle to access enough quality options that offer any more than swiping left and right on a website or app. It is due to the demand for a personalised, human matchmaking service that Country Partners has enjoyed such strong success within rural communities.

Country Partners has been operating since 1984 and was founded when one of the UK’s best-known personal matchmakers, Heather Heber Percy, was struck by just how difficult it was to find a partner outside of the city.

What We Do

Country Partners believes that Matchmaking is so much more than swiping left or right on a screen. We believe that people deserve more, and with this in mind, Country Partners offers its members their very own, personal matchmaker.

Country Partners always adheres to strict security standards. A check and vetting process applies to every one of its members for solvency, criminal record history and cohabitation. We do this to ensure you are safe and secure at all times.

As if our vetting process wasn’t robust enough, Country Partners also video calls every one of its members before bringing them on board to ensure that they are joining for the right reasons and to be sure that the photographs they have submitted are accurate and representative.

Bedfordshire Introductions

Our Matchmaking Service

Bedfordshire Matchmakers

Getting in touch with one of our Membership Advisers is the first step, but we realise that it is just that, a first step.

We appreciate that just enquiring is a big moment for some people, which is why we guarantee that we will never use hard-sell tactics, nor will we place any obligation on anyone enquiring. Our friendly team are on hand to walk you through the matchmaking process and to help demystify the process should you decide to help us find love for you.

If you do decide that working with Country Partners is something you’d like to do, we will arrange for you to have an initial welcome call with your matchmaker, before scheduling an interview.

During the interview, we will get to know you better, but it also gives you a chance to get to know your matchmaker in more detail. After all, the quality of experience you receive from Country Partners is dependent on the quality of the relationship you have with your matchmaker. We will write up a professional dating profile for you and will base the content on the information you give us during the interview.

Once you have given your profile the OK, it will be used to search for potential partners from our exclusive database. Our skilled matchmaking team are experts at what they do.

This means that they are the best people to find people with commonality, shared hobbies and interests as well as physical attraction. Having said that, over the years, we have found that success and sexual chemistry has come from finding someone different. Because of this, it is important that you give an element of trust to your matchmaker since they know a winning formula when they see one. You may just be surprised where chemistry can be found!

How to Join Us

The process of making an enquiry is very straightforward. Simply give Country Partners a call at our expense, on 0800 644 4123 on any day and most Bank Holidays, between 9 am and 9 pm.

If a phone call feels like too much too soon, please fill in a contact form from the Country Partners website and a member of the team will get back to you within 24 working hours. Once again, we stand by our no-obligation promise; there is no question too insignificant.