Why Dating In Yorkshire Is A Romantic Delight

by | Aug 24, 2020 | News

Dating in Yorkshire offers a uniquely inspiring experience. Here are five reasons why:


1. Yorkshire is seeped in romantic history. One of our favourite walks is the The Bronte Way. This is a trail linking locations that inspired the sisters to write powerful stories of wild attraction and desire. Along the way, you’ll find the The Brontë Parsonage, home to the Brontë sisters from 1820. The parsonage is now a beautifully preserved museum. You’ll also stumble upon the ruins of Top Withens, the inspiration for Wuthering Heights.

2. Ready for serious commitment and a physical challenge? If so, visit Ponden Kirk. This is a large block of gritstone which is said to have magical properties. If a woman crawls through the large hole at the foot of the rock, she will marry within the year, according to local legend!

3. Visit Beggar’s Bridge in Glaisdale, built in the 17th century by Thomas Ferres. As a young man, Thomas would wade across the river to woo Agnes, the woman he longed to make his bride. When she died, he built the bridge in her memory.

4. Discover Brimham Rocks, and a story that’s been embedded in local folklore for generations. Lovers Edwin and Julia were said to have been madly in love yet forbidden to see each other. Unable to face life apart, they leapt together from the rocks. Surprisingly, they survived. As a result, Julia’s father allowed the couple to marry. The rocks they jumped from are now known as ‘Lover’s Leap’.

5. There’s nothing quite as romantic as a walk on the coast. You’ll find spectacular scenery at Flamborough. Catch the incredible sunrises and sunsets for a truly romantic experience. Additionally, at Spurn Head, you’ll find a stunning, panoramic view of the North Sea and the mouth of the Humber.

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