Angus and Dundee

We are a traditional & personal matchmaking agency available throughout Angus and Dundee.

Dating in Scotland – Angus and Dundee

Angus is a county in the northeast of Scotland and Dundee, Scotlands first city, was traditionally the largest conurbation within Angus, although they are now governed separately. Leaving Arbroath, Brechin, Carnoustie, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Monifieth and Montrose as the 7 largest towns in Angus today.

Arbroath, a seaside town, has often been called the birthplace of Scotland as it was in Arbroath that the famous 1320 declaration was signed, creating Scotland as an independent nation. It is also the home of the famous Arbroath Smokie, haddock smoked over a wood fire.

It is a beautiful location but also very rural and sparsely populated, so in the world of dating not the ideal location for finding a partner or a partner second time around, if you have suffered a breakup or bereavement. So as Scotland’s only truly national dating agency Country Partners plays a vital role in bringing people together.  


What We Do

Personal Matchmaking has been around for centuries but is often said to be the best kept secret in dating. Most people will have heard of online dating and dating apps on your smartphone, but personal matchmaking for many has been a long-forgotten art until recent years, when it has surged back in terms of popularity, due to the problems that have emerged with internet based dating in recent years.

Particularly the fact that online dating is associated with scamming and one of the fastest growing crime rates within the UK, plus the problem with fake profiles, very old photographs being used and generally people not being fair to other users.

So, a service where every new member is interviewed and then carefully vetted via an in-house authentication and verification system like we deploy within Country Partners, has obvious appeal and many advantages over the risks associated with meeting strangers online. That is what we offer our clients.

The Matchmaking Process

Your first contact point to find out more about Country Partners and how we operate would be one of our friendly Membership Adviser team, consisting of Jenny, Zoe and Tracey. It is their role to provide an overview of how we work and what a personal matchmaking service does for you. Our aim is to provide just enough information to give you a thorough understanding and to put you in an informed position so that you can make your mind up personally whether or not you feel Country Partners is for you. There is never any pressure or obligation to join, we get around 100 enquiries each and every month.  

If you do decide to proceed then our onboarding team of Vicky and Alison would take you through the initial membership steps and arrange for your profiling interview with one of our lovely matchmakers, either in your own home, our office or via Zoom or Teams. It will be a comprehensive interview and one that enables us to build you a first-class dating profile that will attract others.

We have 12 matchmakers in all and eventually you will be allocated one of the team, which is usually the person who conducted your interview. After that the exciting part of your membership can begin, which of course is meeting carefully selected other members, who may actually prove to be ‘the one’ for you.    


    Getting in Touch

    To find out more, please do complete our contact form within the website. One of our experienced Membership Advisers will contact you within 24 working hours. Alternatively, call us on 0800 644 4123 between 9am and 9pm every day, including weekends, for an informal chat.