Five Ways to be a Romantic Country Partner in Lockdown

by | Apr 29, 2020 | News

Week six of lockdown and we are starting to find ways for our lives to carry on – to discover a new normal to tide us through these uncertain times. Here at Country Partners we are suggesting ways you might still kindle those flames of romance. We want to play cupid and help love along in these times of social distancing, so here are our five top tips to romance with someone new, all from a safe distance of course!

1. Send a handwritten letter or card
Many of us find we have more time on our hands now we are not going out to socialise or no longer travelling to work, if working from home. Why then, not put pen to paper as a way to let someone know you are thinking about them? A letter in the post is a romantic way to show you care and an opportunity to express yourself with thought and consideration. If a letter seems too much, a postcard can still bring a smile. So, if you’ve a stash of cards or writing paper in the draw, now might be the time to give this suggestion a go…

2. Talk about what you could do together, once restrictions are lifted
Sometimes, a lot of the pleasure can be in the planning and anticipation and talking through what you might do or where you might like to go together is a great way to discover if you have similar tastes. Alternatively, perhaps this could be an opportunity to look into introducing each other to activities or pastimes already well loved by one of you but new and potentially exciting for the other?

3. Surprise them with a little gift
Who doesn’t love receiving an unexpected gift! With their address, it’s straightforward to go online and place an order – surprise them by sending them a little luxury, delivered to their door. It needn’t be extravagant at all, it’s really the thought that counts, so if you were talking about something and can think of a little gift that follows on from your conversation, even better.

4. Send that well-timed message
If living alone and working from home, we can easily start to feel lonely. Both of you could be missing those everyday social interactions, so a warm ‘Good Morning’ in these circumstances or ‘Sleep well’ message can be very uplifting. It needn’t be a long message, it’s the thoughtful timing that brings a smile to their morning or gives the feeling of being cared about by someone special, as they go to sleep.

5. Get creative with your virtual dates
At Country Partners we can help you meet up over video if you’d like to give this a go. Video dating is really easy on a smart phone, tablet or pc. But do remember, although it is not meeting in person, this is still a date, so it needs a little preparation to help it go as well as possible. Consider what to wear to make the right impression, make sure you won’t be disturbed and if the first date goes well, think about a second and third virtual date. Who knows where this will take you? Remember, you’ll still be enjoying getting to know a new partner face to face. Enjoy!